The Dream

The Dream
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The Dream
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The Dream

I’ll never forget, when we finally met

On the steps of the hotel

I didn’t assume, we’d be sharing a room

Didn’t know each other well

You looked so fine, I wished you were mine

We went for a meal, it seemed so unreal

I’ll never forget, how we finally met

On the steps of the hotel

Next day on the plane, I wondered again

How this all had come to pass

On BA no less, heading for the US

Touching hands in Business class

We’d excitedly talk, approaching New York

Could it really be true, I was flying with you

I’ll never forget, that Dreamliner jet

When every line of my dream came true

Jet lagged though we may have been

Up early next day

Key meeting at ten fifteen

To sign my whole life away

We signed on the line, hitting the big time

Never regretted a thing

This time it was real, ’twas such a big deal

The whole world gets to hear me sing

We drank some wine, it seemed vou were mine

Unbelievable, this was happening at all

A dream coming true, I was besotted with you

And together, we’d signed on the dotted line

I’ll never forget, when we finally met

On the steps of the hotel

My senses were numb, but I wasn’t struck dumb

Just simply under your spell

When I opened my eyes, Wow what a surprise

Alone in my bed, as I realised

It had all been a dream, the most beautiful dream

It’s a dream that never dies

You cannot take the Dreamliner out of the girl

But you can take the girl out of the DrEaMLINEr





Catalog Number: Tgm220003

ISRC: UKDSJ2200003

The Dream by Trevor Gear

From the Album: Aphrodite’s Voice

Produced by Trevor Gear

Composed by Trevor Gear

Lyrics by Trevor Gear

Cover design by Medline Bradley

Published by Deepstuff Records ltd.

Copyright© Owner Trevor Gear

Published: WEDNESDAY, 14 APRIL, 2022

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