Bar Blues

Bar Blues
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Bar Blues
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Bar Blues

Crowd is comin’ in the bar, I am strummin’ my guitar

Playin’ all my repertoire, thinkin’ everythin’s bizarre

In their cowboy boots, or high-heeled shoes

Wanna see them move to my 12 bar blues

Playin blues here at the bar

Pretty people everywhere, attitude like they don’t care

Rockin’ woman seems to stare, I look at her but no-one’s there

Out of sight, out of mind, I guess tonight I’m gonna find

If I’m livin’ on a prayer

This feels so insane, everyone’s out of their brain

Free smoke and alcohol, pleasuring every soul

Out of sight, out of mind, cos in the air there is a kind

Of cool aroma everywhere

Thoughts go round my head wish I was someplace else instead

But I just can’t refuse, to play the 12 bar blues

Chipper punter at the bar, drinkin’ whisky by the jar

His sanity goes au revoir, he’s smokin’ but it’s no cigar

Every time I’m booked, the blues I choose

Cos I am hooked on the guitar blues

Playin’ blues here at the bar

Homo sapies everywhere, doin’ it like they don’t care

Happy dude he seems to stare, at the rockin’ woman there

Out of sight, out of mind, I guess tonight they’re gonna find

If things are goin’ anywhere



Catalog Number: Tgm220002

ISRC: UKDSJ2200002

Bar Blues by Trevor Gear

From the Album: Aphrodite’s Voice

Produced by Trevor Gear

Composed by Trevor Gear

Lyrics by Trevor Gear

Cover design by Medline Bradley

Published by Deepstuff Records ltd.

Copyright© Owner Trevor Gear

Published: WEDNESDAY, 13 APRIL, 2022

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