Because of you

Because of you
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Because of you
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Is it sad that I want ya

Is it wrong that I need ya

I sat there thinking

I saw you walking by

As I sat there watching you

My mind was racing

I kept on imaging

What would life be

If she was my girlfriend

What if she liked me

She just didn’t know it

What if we were meant to be

She just can’t see it

I must be dreaming

And I know almost never counts

But I’ll keep on trying

Because of you

Because of you

Because of you


All because of you

I see your face I see mine

But it’s not the same

Want you in my life

But you in my dreams

And it’s not the same

Need you in my life

See you in my life

Why can’t you be my wife

I know things like this

Can be rife

But that’s just life

Hustling every day in every way

So I can take you out

Working harder and harder

To make you comfy

To make you concrete

To make you solid

To make you pretty

To keep you classy

And to keep you smiling

Heh Heh aw

Because of you

Because of you

Because of you

Because of you

Maybe someday she would notice

Or maybe I’m just the fool

Because of you

Because of you

{ISRC UKBX41900010}

catalogue number: dsr20190010

Because of YOU (single) – By dRem TGI

Produced by dRem TGI

Composed by dRem TGI

Lyrics by dRem TGI

Cover Design By: Ellis L. Samuel & Peter Fabian idibia (aka Idibs

Label: Deepstuff Records LTD

Copyright owned by Deepstuff records Ltd

Released 25th August 2019

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