Under me

Under me
Under me
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Under me:  

We’re no good  

Bad for each other  

Toxic love  

Poisoned feelings  

You don’t care for anybody else  

Only care about yourself  

It’s not gonna work cuz I know  

I don’t want you no no no 

I don’t want this love  

I’m not crazy enough  

I thought it was what I wanted  

But I don’t wanna get in trouble  

Cuz you’re a bad guy  

You always lie 

I ain’t gonna rely  

So go ahead and try  

Cuz I’m over you  

Your under me  

I don’t like your history  

No wonder stuff don’t last 

It’s a blast from the past  

But I know that I’ll never get with someone like you  You ain’t my type  

Just giving it a try  

Cuz I’m over you  

Your under  

I’m over you  

Your under me  

I used to stay up all night 

Wondering where you been 

I wasted all my time panicking  

All you said to me was hateful words  

You tried to end me so I would never go  But look at me now  

I have grown grown grown grown  

I don’t care for you anytime  

I remember who I am  

And I will sure as hell fly  

Without you in my life  

Good luck and goodbye 





Catalog Number: ABZ20210003

under me by ABZ WINTER

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Published: SEPTEMBER 30, 2021


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