On My Way

On My Way
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On My Way
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im on my way 

im on my way

im on my way back to you

im on my way 

im on my way

im on my way back to you

anyway you go

anything you do 

anywhere you are i wanna be there with with you

anywhere you are

anything you do

whatever you do

when you go up 

when you go down

when you go south i’ll go south south with you

coming home babe i’m on my way 

i lost my way but now i know my way

i messed you about went the wrong way

no more silly talks no more silly games 

im down on ma babe knees im down for you

anything you want anyway you want it

that’s how gon be it no questions asked

wanna be there for you anytime you need me

ill never to lie to you babe i’ll die for you

remember all the times i treat you wrong

if you give me the chance i can right the wrongs

cuz love is a fool’s game

and i wanna be that fool for you 


{ISRC UKBX42010125}

Catalog Number: dsr20201125

On My Way (single) by dRem TGI

Beats designed by Saman K

Produced by dRem TGI

Mixing and Mastering: dRem TGI

Composed by dRem TGI

Lyrics by dRem TGI

Cover design by Deanna Maria R

Label: Deepstuff Records LTD.

Copyright© Owner Deepstuff Records LTD.

Published: July 21, 2020

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