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{ISRC UKBX42010141}

Catalog Number: dsr20201141

Deepstuff (single) ft. Billy the Kid by dRem TGI

Beats designed by Saman K

Produced by dRem TGI

Mixing and Mastering: dRem TGI

Composed by dRem TGI

Lyrics by dRem TGI

Cover design by Deanna Maria R

Label: Deepstuff Records LTD.

Copyright© Owner Deepstuff Records LTD.

Published: October 1, 2020


the last time that i saw us we were both in the picture frame. now its just another feature frame

i see a shell of my old world is like the real world’s not even there anyone i dont know what happened to us

feel like my mind is messing with me

feel like the world is fussing with us

have we turned down the wrong road

why we turning on eachother

whats up with the divisions

are racing down to dead end

bro i am losing the will to live

think i might be colour blind

cause what i dont see is black and white

all i see is the one race

there’s only one human race

and different colours of a rainbow

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet

what a minute let me ask you something

what about all the other colours

i guess they are not as important though

bet they not your priorities huh

i dont know how i see the world anymore

spoken words:

i used to see colours beautiful, in a world where people were lovely i dont know what i see nothing anymore.

all i see is dark dark days, cold cold nights, long long long winters, short short short summer days. live in a world where weak weak people being oppressed by the rich, strong, and powerful.

how can i change the things that i see the way that i feel the songs that i listen to the thoughts that im feed with way that i think and act when the world is just like that?

just because you wont change the way you are

and i aint ready to bulge for anyone

billy the kid: you’d never guess what i had for breakfast, it’s called the full english breakfast and im not even English. i guess its beans on toast from now on and this corona by us ? i wish it’d just hurry up and clear off. anyway i’m going rock climbing tommorow wanna come? i’m sorry drem i am so terribly sorry what were we talking about? oh yeah i remember now!

drem: shut up billy! i’m taking you home im taking you home common common let’s go

billy the kid: hey drem can i ask you a question you know as a friend? were you ever been bullied, as a kid?

drem: what?

how can i change the tunes that i hum when the rhythm is how i feel. you tell me you gat a better way but all you do is try to entrap me how can i trust you.

billy the kid: what we having for dinner man?

drem: dude all you think about is food food food food do you ever think about anything else whats wrong with you man hahaha what’s wrong with you?

billy the kid: i don’t know i guess i just love food

drem: yeah you do!

billiy the kid: hey drem can i feature on your next track

drem: erm No! oh ya ya yeah yes maybe! i dont know alright yeah yeah

billy tha kid: hey drem you forgot to say ………

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