Don’t Walk Away

Don’t Walk Away
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Don’t Walk Away
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I got it wrong

Thought I just

Make you see

What your love

Really meant to me

But finally now I know

That you were just

Letting go

So turn your back

Walk away

Tell me the fault is mine

Make it clear that you and I

Strangers passing time

I thought I’d cry

Shed some tears

I was certain

That I’d be sad

I thought nah

Cause something changed

I rearranged

I simplified

(ah ah ah)

(Now I have to watch you walk away)

Now I have to watch you walk away

I don’t wanna see you walk away

I guess it time I have to

Let you walk away

Walk away ehh

Walk away

Walk away


Just reminiscing

About the goods times

We shared together

It was sweet and it was short

I was wrong and you were right

Now I’m realizing but you’re gone

Wish my tears could bring you back

Wish my smile could make you laugh

Wish I could take back

The hands of time

Take back all the wrongs when I hurt ya

I’m trying to erase all the silly things

The hurtful words but it’s all over

The beat the sound

The mix the mastering

The lyrics the singing

The composition

The recording and the production

I even do video editing

Think what you like

But I’m just hustling man

Wawa Ebonyi

Hashtag #dremstuff

dRem TGI

(ah ah ah)

Don’t walk away

(Walk away)

(Walk away)

Don’t walk away from me no no no no

(Walk away)

(Walk away)

(Walk away)

Don’t ever leave me

(Walk away)

(Walk away)

Walk away from me no no no

(Eh eeeh eeeh eeh)

(Never leave me)

{ISRC UKBX41900007}

catalogue number: dsr2019007

Don’t Walk Away (single) By dRem TGI

Produced by dRem TGI

Composed by dRem TGI

Lyrics by dRem TGI

Cover Design By: Ellis L. Samuel & Peter Fabian idibia (aka Idibs)

Label: Deepstuff Records LTD

Copyright owned by Deepstuff records Ltd

Released 31th August 2019

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