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Lost and all alone, in the middle of the crowd

Nobody could have known, ‘cos you didn’t cry out loud

Annalise, did you find release

From your pain, do you rest in peace

Just twenty one, with so much to live for

Beautiful inside and out, but you left for evermore

Broken hearts, that just can’t understand

How it all, disintegrates to sand


You were wonderful to me, just when I needed you to be

Annalise we shared precious hours

And you gave so much to me, much more than you could ever see

The sweetest days were well and truly ours

Dearest Annalise, you were wise beyond your years

You always seemed at peace and in your eyes I saw no tears

Were there signs, to read between the lines

Just one clue, of what you planned to do


And your agony of mind, was felt by those you left behind

Did you feel you had no other choice

I talk to you I must confess – where you were laid to rest

And I swear I sometimes hear your voice

If I had only known, of your sadness deep inside

I would have turned every stone to show the world was on your side

Broken flowers, that this Earth devours

Are born again, free from all the pain

Born again, free from all the pain

Annalise, some day I’ll see you again


Catalog Number: Tgm190055

Annalise (Single) by Trevor Gear

Produced by Trevor Gear

Composed by Trevor Gear

Lyrics by Trevor Gear

Cover design by Deanna Maria R.

Published by Deepstuff Records ltd.

Copyright© Owner Trevor Gear

Published: March 1, 2020

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