Let me be Your Hero (Rap)

Let me be Your Hero (Rap)
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Let me be Your Hero (Rap)
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{ISRC UKBX42010111}

Catalog Number: dsr20201111

Let me be your hero {Rap Version} by dRem TGI

Beats designed by Saman K

Produced by dRem TGI

Mixing and Mastering: dRem TGI

Composed by dRem TGI

Lyrics by dRem TGI

Cover design by Deanna Maria R.

Label: Deepstuff Records LTD.

Copyright© Owner Deepstuff Records LTD.

Published: May 31, 2020


Let me be your hero

i can make laugh babe im a funny man

i can make it rain babe im a rainmaker

i can make you full babe im the master chef

i can make you dance i own the dance floor

i can make you march babe im a soilder

i can make you learn babe im a teacher

i can make you earn babe im a stock broker

i can make you win babe im a winner

i can make you wet babe im the rain man

i can make you profits if you invest in me

i can make you sing babe i got melody

i can make you beam babe on sunny day

i can make you launch babe like a rocketman

i can make you smile babe when i spoil you rotten

i can change your mood babe on a bad day

i can make you wise babe gat a few tricks

i can make you right babe even you’re wrong

i can make you think babe im a thinktank

i can nake you act like you dont need a reason

i write you blank cheque that’ll never bounce

i can make you bounce baby like you feeling me

i can do your tasks babe im a handyman

i can treat you babe if’you tell me what you want

i can give you comfort babe im a made man

anything you want babe i can give it you

let me be your hero

i can make you shine like a rockstar

make you swim in money like a rich lobster

i can make you rich babe if you marry me

i can give you a crown babe youre my beauty queen

make your dreams come true im well connected

i can win your case babe we dont need a lawyer

i can give money i can you time you dont need to spend a dime when i take you shopping,

i can build you a sheild keep you well protected

i can make you chill give you goosebumps

i can gi you laughs babe at my own expense

i can give you a tan im a hot ten

i can make you drunk with my sweet love

make you see far like a microscopic lens

take you to the moon maybe if you trust me

i can put out the fire gat a big hose

i can entertain you

prioritise you

i give you babies make you be mother

i can get you outta situations you shouldnt have be in

i can you make high like your my number 1

i can make you spend babe like a millioniare

you can my bonnie and i can you your clyde

i can call you cyndie short for cinderealla

you can be ma juliet and i be your romeo

i can change your crowd make you celebrity

i can change your lot in life im a lucky man

i will never lie to you maybe i’ll lie for you

give you all i saved ev’n if breaks me

Let me be your hero

maybe you and i can write a few songs

we could form a duo and go on x faxtor

i can make you rise pulling a few strings

i can change your status make you elevated

watch you go to sleep so i can hear you breathe

i can take you london and paris and new york

i can spin you round make you see the world

make you walk through the great walls of china

we can take a trip to see the pyramids in Egypt

i can you sing you happy everything your sad

i can make you breakfast and dinner in bed

i can change your last name and make it more defined

i can buy you gold rings and diamonds and bling-ggggs

let me be your hero

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