I Don’t Wanna Know

I Don't Wanna Know
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I Don’t Wanna Know
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first of point of the day

last play of the game

let’s get some things straight

before you stray

what’s your’s is yours

what’s mine is mine (you know that right)

so boy don’t get it twisted 

why you gotta stick in your nose in my business

i like to keep my nose under 

my eyes where i can see them

and may i suggest you do the same too

cause what you’re trying to share isnt yours to

i suggest you run along before you run your mouth

cause you could run yourself into yourself in the process

and i aint talking bout your reputation 

cause everyone knows you aint got one

what you pretending to be my friend for 

when you already know you aint in it for good

cause everything you say i can see right through

so run along go buy yourself some new jeans 

and while you’re at it pick up some new shoes

If your heart is cold maybe your life is sold 

You’re spewing sewage instead of bars 

You think you’re current but you’re a torrent 

cause guess what?

bro told you i don’t wanna know

i said it once 

said it twice and i aint about to say it 3 times

so what you standing here for 

don’t you gat someone else 

business to stick your nose in

next time you down this way 

i’d like to ask that you don’t share what you aint suppose to with me

cause i don’t wanna know what they’re doing wrong 

cause in my eyes they’re good folks 

and i aint to bad-mouth noone 

and i aint on a fact-finding mission

so i dont wanna know what you doing with your spare 

or how you do it when stick your nose peoples business

tammy’s bought a stolen car (i don’t wanna know)

can’t believe Jenny’s got a boyfriend (i don’t wanna know)

the couple next dealing drugs (i don’t wanna know)

john’s gettimg back wiyh his ex (i don’t wanna know)

you say billy’s dad is now woman (i don’t wanna know)

little jeff likes boys (i don’t wanna know)

it’s all your business now so keep it yourself

but just remember what comes around goes around so quick

and if i was you i’d simply quit and face my own troubles 

you never when your pants would be fire and what’s next maybe your eyebrows all burnt while you busy tryna to stair the storm jesse’s tea cup.

bro i don’t wanna know

i said it once 

said it twice and i aint about to say it 3 times






{ISRC UKBX42304002)

Catalog Number: dsr20230004

drem TGi with (Single) “I Don’t Wanna Know”

Beats designed by Sam K

Produced by dRem TGI

Mixing and Mastering: dRem TGI

Composed by dRem TGI

Lyrics by dRem TGI

Song Written by Emmy E. Hikins

Cover design by MEDLINE BRADLEY

Label: Deepstuff Records LTD.

Copyright© Owner Deepstuff Records LTD.

Published: April 16, 2023









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