Give me the right to breathe (Single) by dRem TGI


Sitting here waiting are you coming back 

but it’s better to be hopful than hopeless

Then I wonder how I manage at coping

my eyes have had a field day at sobbing 

give me the right to breathe

who gave you the right to leave

Cruising hastily down to the seaside

I’m trying to catch the boat before it sails out

I’m tying to catch the ship before the tides in

my time is running out will I make it

try my best before my luck runs out

my heart’s beating kpum kpum

my legs are running so fast

I might just fly if I don’t give out

I might just fake it if I don’t make it

but I owe it myself to try

though I’ve given my life to Christ

but still I’m trying hard not to cry

but how can I learn to fly

If I’m not even willing to try

my feet’s running out of land

maybe this is my chance to try

Give me the right to breathe

Cuz I’m running out of air

Cuz I’m running out of steam

my lungs is starting to gasp

my love is out to sea

and her phone is out of reach

You’re out of reach

out to sea my heart bleeds I’m losing out

I’m bleeding out 

I’m losing control

tell me its right to leave

I’m losing control

I’m losing my mind

I’m losing my sleep I’m losing my rights 

I’m losing myself 

and I’m losing you

{ISRC UKBX42010010}

Catalog Number: dsr20201010

Give me the right to breathe (Single) by dRem TGI

Beats designed by Saman K

Produced by dRem TGI

Composed by dRem TGI

Lyrics by dRem TGI

Cover design by Deanna Maria R.

Label: Deepstuff Records ltd.

Copyright© Owner Deepstuff Records ltd.

Published: January 9, 2020

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